Ozzard Environmental provides curbside garbage & recycling services for households in Ucluelet, Tofino, Port Albion, Millstream, Hitacu, Tystanis & Esowista.

Garbage Pickup

Please download your current respective schedules for service days.

Organics & Recycling Pickup

Please download your current respective schedules for service days.

Ucluelet Recycling Depot

Saturday 9am to 3pm
333 Forbes Road,
PO Box 227,
Ucluelet, BC

Tofino Recycling Depot

Tuesday & Friday 10am – 3pm
640 Warren Way
off Industrial Way
Tofino BC V0R 2Z0

Curbside Garbage, Organics & Recycling

Ozzard Environmental provides curbside garbage, organics and recycling pickup for individual residential households in Ucluelet, Tofino, Port Albion, Millstream, Hitacu, Tystanis & Esowista. Strata properties, trailer parks, apartment buildings with three or more units, and commercial properties with a residence are not included in the curbside collection program.

For current curbside organics and recycling pickups see our current collection schedule.
We are excited to announce the new ORGANICS COLLECTION begins December 2022; download the SORT n' GO INFO sheet below. The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) is introducing a new organics collection service in Tofino, Ucluelet and some surrounding west coast communities. In December 2022, residents of single-family homes (four units or less) will begin diverting food and yard waste away from the landfill, similar to the current recycling and garbage collection, with new green carts for curbside pickup.

This progressive new service is part of a larger and critical upgrade to an automated cart collection system for all three waste streams, which means residents will also receive new blue recycling carts and black garbage carts prior to launch. The objective of this service is to reduce the costs associated with residential waste, lower greenhouse gasses and extend the lifespan of the West Coast landfill.

Sort'n Go: What Goes In? What Stays Out?

Organics ACRD Sort'nGo West Coast

Organics Dos and Don'ts


- Food scraps, including meat, bones and dairy
- Coffee grinds
- Soiled papers like paper towels, cardboard, tissues and greasy pizza boxes
- Yard waste including grass, leaves, small amounts of fallen fruit, and branches that are no bigger than 24 inches, or two feet, with a two-inch diameter (this is to ensure that material can get through the truck's “hopper” system).


- Coffee pods
- Stickers, bits of plastic or rubber bands from produce items
- Garden tags or plastic accessories from planters/flowers
- Aluminum foil
- Pet feces 
- Compostable or biodegradable plastics (these labels aren't consistently regulated in the industry which means they may not break down as required and could end up contaminating the compost stream)
- Invasive weeds from yard waste, such as Knotweeds and blackberry bushes. See a full list of noxious weeds on the BC Government website here(External link).

Pet feces, produce stickers and accessories, coffee pods and invasive weeds should be disposed of in the garbage or at the AV Landfill, all other items can be dropped off at the Ucluelet of Tofino Recycling Depot.

To minimize human-bear conflicts please keep garbage away from bears.
- Please do not leave your garbage bin out overnight!
- Keep organics in a secure organic bin.
- Store in an enclosed and secure area until collection day.
- Keep garbage binds free or organics.
- Bring your bins back from the curb after collection.
- Rinse periodically.
- Clean your BBQ after each use.
- Manage fruit trees by picking ripe fruits.

Additional Garbage Tags

Ozzard Environmental does not issue garbage tags.
To purchase additional garbage tags, please contact:
District of Ucluelet 250-726-7744
District of Tofino 250-725-3229
Cost for tags is $3.00 CDN.

*Price effective Aug 24, 2020 and may increase.
Please contact your District for latest updates.

Environmental Stewardship

Our core mission is to become a forward leading ‘waste resource management’ company; building sustainable solutions for the West Coast. Ozzard Environmental is founded not only on the belief of honest hard work, professional, friendly and reliable service, but also with the help of the Surfrider Foundation – Pacific Rim, that we can promote sustainable, environmentally sound and cost-effective practices through an integrated system of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and innovative technology.

-> Vacation Rental Owners: Download the Ocean Friendly Vacation Rental Toolkit
Please discover more and donate to the Pacific Rim Surfrider Association's important work on our Coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What days do you pick up our recycling on?
Recycling collection weeks alternate between Tofino and Ucluelet. We service Ucluelet, Port Albion and Millstream every second Wednesday.
We service Tofino the alternate Wednesday.
What days do you pickup our garbage on?
Garbage collection is every Tuesday in Ucluelet, Port Albion and Millstream.
Every Thursday in Tofino. See schedule for all details.
Why was my garbage not picked up?
If we overlooked your curbside garbage pickup please contact us. Do note there is only:
- One container per week
- Maximum container amount - 120 litres (32 gallons)
- Maximum container weight - 20 kg (44 pounds)
- Extra containers must have a $3 tag attached - please purchase them at the Municipal Offices in Tofino & Ucluelet
- A maximum of two extra bags (in one 120 litre container) with tags
Why is Ozzard Environmental picking up our recycling?
Ozzard Environmental has been awarded the long term contract to proudly operate the curb-side garbage and recycling collection program for West Coast residents of Ucluelet, Tofino, Millstream and Port Albion on behalf of the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD). Garbage and recycling collection are governed by ACRD Bylaw No. R1021 Garbage and Recyclable Materials Collection Bylaw, 2008. Garbage and recycling fees are detailed in ACRD Bylaw No. R1021-5, Garbage and Recyclable Materials Collection Amendment, 2017.

Learn more about Ozzard Environmental and our team.
Why was my recycling not picked up?
Please ensure you read this recycling page fully to help you understand what can be recycled at your Curbside. Items that are not able to be recycled may be brought to the Ucluelet + Tofino Recycling Depots or Landfill. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.